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1862 November 11 Camp Cooper

Camp Cooper Nov 11” 1862
My own dear wife
 I sent you by Bob Kenney a letter giving
an account of our proceedings near Millwood.  Bob
started last night & I suppose you will get the
letter to day or tomorrow.  when I closed that letter
I had received marching orders, which I believed would
take us towards Strasburg.  Subsequently owing to a
change in the position of the enimy [sic] we received
fighting orders.  but during Sunday evening the
enimy [sic] retired  this changed the whole face of the
case.  And orders were imediately [sic] issued for us
to march to a new camp and fix up just
as if we intended to winter there, that we
would not move again unless compelled by
the enimy [sic], which of course she will do.  My
camp is on what is called the Pughtown Road
3 miles north west of Winchester.  The 2d Brigade of
our Division is on the Romney Road and
the 1st and 4” Brigades are on the Martinsburg
Road.  Genl Jacksons Hd Quarter are in Winches-
ter.  Another Division command all the roads
leading from Harpers Ferry & Charlestown.  Another
is on the Berryville & the Millwood roads
and still another D H Hills at Front Royall
our position is such that if we all march
6 miles toward a given point in our
rear we will all be together in one
compact body for defence or offence.
I am sole commander at my new camp &
manage things after my own mind and
think I shall get along very well indeed

[page 2]
I am writing this before breakfast in order to
send by this morning mail and possibly it may
reach you before the letter sent by Bob Kenney
who I fear will be slow in delivery.
  I did think that I would not trouble you
about anything again but would try and
get along so.  But I am so much in
need of a bucket that I must get you to go
to Pauls & get me one to be sent when
you have the opportunity  One thing
more I want St Clair to be hunted up
and sent to me  Rutherford is not worth
the powder & lead that would kill him
and if I dont soon get rid of him
I fear I shall do something to him.
  I am writing in a great hurry and
not very well & am in a bad humor
anyhow.  I cant keep bo my bowels right
most of the time they are right but have
had spells & have such a one now
 We have a very pretty clear morning
& every thing looks bright & pleasant. but
   Write to me in reply to all the
questions I have asked in previous letters
I am most affectionately

“My own dear wife”, salutation – Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson Magruder Warren.

“Bob Kenney”, line 1; page 2, line 3 -

“Bob”, line 2 – All referred to Robert Kenney, Private, Company G, 10th VA Infantry.

“My camp”, lines 14 & 15 – All of Taliaferro’s (3rd) Brigade, which consisted of the 47th and 48th Alabama Infantry regiments, and the 10th 23rd, and 37th VA Infantry regiments, were in close vicinity.

“2d Brigade”, line 16 – The brigade consisted of the 1st VA Infantry Battalion, and the 21st, 42nd, and 48th VA Infantry regiments.

“1st & 4” Brigades”, line 18 – The 1st ‘Stonewall’ Brigade consisted of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33rd VA Infantry regiments.
    The 4th Brigade consisted of the 1st (Volunteers), 2nd, 10th, 14th, 15th Louisiana Infantry regiments, and Coppens’ Louisiana Infantry Battalion.

“Genl Jackson”, line 19 – Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, Confederate general, commanded the Left Wing (2nd Corps), Army of Northern Virginia.

“D H Hill”, line 23 – Daniel H. Hill, Confederate general, commanded a division in Jackson’s Wing.

“Pauls”, page 2, line 9 – Warren possibly referred to Isaac Paul a well-to-do Harrisonburg merchant and farmer.

“Rutherford”, page 2, line 12 – Archibald S. Rutherford, Colonel’s Orderly, 10th VA Infantry.  He enlisted 10 April 1862 in Company C2, 10th VA Infantry, as a substitute.  He was one of only two men who served in the regiment born outside the 1800’s; he was born c.1797.  On 24 April, Colonel Simeon B. Gibbons, then commander of the 10th VA, detailed Rutherford as a forager; he never returned to duty with his company.

“ETHWarren”, page 2, signature – Edward Tiffin Harrison Warren, Colonel, 10th VA Infantry.

[transcription by John P. Mann, IV]

MSS 7786-g

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