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1862 November 12 Camp Stephenson

                Camp Stephenson Nov. 12th 1862

Dear Aunt
                              I will endeavor this morning
to write you a few lines to let you know
that I am well & hope these few lines may
find you enjoying the same blessing.  We are
now camped at the same place we were at
this time last year four miles below
Winchester on the Valley turnpike We came here
on Monday.  We received orders to move above
Winchester on Sunday but on Monday morning
we got orders to go below Winchester four
miles and take up Winger quarters as we
are now in our quarters for the winter

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unless the enemy chase us away.   We have no
tents although we expect them shortly I do
not know how we would get along without
tents as winter has already set in with us
there was a considerable snow here last friday
and it is now cloudy and looks as if it
would snow to night.  There has been considerable
fighting along the mountain lately.  D H Hill had
a skirmish with the enemy last week at
Castlemans Ferry in which the enemys loss was
forty killed, and on hundred wounded; and not
a single man on our side injured.  We also took
several hundred prisoners, at Harpers Ferry lately,
the are now in Winchester under a strong guard
It has been reported here that one division of
the enemy, numbering ten, or fifteen, thousand men
threw down their arms and refused to come on
confederate soil to fight; but said that if we

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would go to invade they they would do their
best fighting.  I would not care much if they
were all like this division refuse to invade us.
I heard a few days ago that there has been a
wedding close to you, John McKemmy & Hannah Berry
Lieutenant Carson got a letter last week in  which
it was stated that they were married and on
a bridal trip to Giles County.  Tell Mary that I
think it is pretty near time she was writing
as I have not got any word from home since
I started away now three weeks ago.  I must
now draw my not to a close by asking you
to excuse all mistakes bad writing &c
Give my love to Aunt Ann, Uncle James family
and all their enquiring friends also receive a [?]
share yourself from you affectionate nephew
                                  Thomas M. Smiley

Thomas M. Smiley, Co. D., 5th Virginia

MSS 1807, -a

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