Sunday, November 11, 2012

1862 November 11 Fauquier County, Va.

[from the diary of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Did not rise early--they were all at
breakfast when I went in & sad down stairs
& talked to bro. Charles before I had read
-read after he left but did not enjoy
my reading--Never do unless I read early
=Must manage to awake earlier
in the morning--we are much afraid that
we will not be able to pay dear P[eachy]
that last tribute of respect.
I do not mourn for her either, how can
I when I know that she has gone where
there is no more sin, no more sorrow, to
dwell forever with her God.  She has only
gone before,-soon, soon, we will all follow
& Oh, for the sake of our friends,-may
our last hours be a testimony & witness. that our
lives are now with Christ in God-
that we have reached that good country-
from which no traveller returneth...
tom asked me a few nights since=why we
didnt all stay in heaven when we were there=
I said My son we were never there. Oh, Yes, we were
when God Made us:  Oh that I may have
the help of the Spirit & teach him
holy things & so fill his mind that evil
will find no room in his heart=For
this I [want?] to cast all my cares on the
Lord.  Help thou my weakness, O, God.

MSS 15406

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