Sunday, November 11, 2012

1862 November 11 Chapel Hill, N.C.

[from the diary of Eliza Oswald Hill, refugee from Wilmington, N.C.]

Tuesday, 11th  The weather has moderated--& this has been a
very charming day--I hated to remain in the house--but
I have been quietly busy all morning & this afternoon went
to Church--& assisted Sarah cutting out--Mrs Walters
leaves this week for Fayetteville to see Mrs Anderson & Har-
din & if possible to go to Wilmington & see about her
furniture & other business--I received 3 letters to day, one
from Tom--Saying after 3 days hard riding he was now
at Culpepper & wanted Noah sent on--He wrote in a
leaf torn from a book--being out of paper--Said nothing
of his health or fare--Parr told us they are seeing scarce
hard times--I wish I could help them.  One from Eliza
telling me of her & Liz's starting in a snow storm to come
up here--& after waiting a long time at the Depot for
the cars found after they arrived that the Conductor
had neither fore or Stove--& as their feet was set & Eliza
had a bad cough--they cage up the trip & returned to
Governor Branch's--Now Liza is afraid Liz will give
up coming until after Christmas--As Mr Smith
told her there was no immediate danger- the Yankees
had been whipt back to Hamlinton.  How Liza will get to
here I know not--She is very anxious to come--Liz writes
me word Noah is all ready & will leave with Mr Parker
Junior I rejoice to hear it--the 3d letter was from Mrs James
Bradly - giving a full account of a scare they had at Wright Ville
Sound--the blockade firing all day on a vessel that got beached -a
great may men went down to see the sight--& while there
the balls & shells whizzed over them--& one stuck in to Mr
Quinces yard on Masonboro sound, & bounced over into a
neighbouring field & exploded--After a while two or three
boat loads of Yankees came over to the Banks to set fire to
the barque-& as soon as they left their boats our men
rand down & took their Oars--So we took 24 pris-
oners--& got several nice boats--But not before they suc-
ceeded in burning the Vessel.

MSS 6960

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