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1862 May 1 On the road [Virginia]

On the road  May 1 1862

Dear Pa
I have but a moments time
& a heep to say, I am quite well & in
good spirits, I think it probable that
I will see Dick as soon as the great
victory is gained, I want you to do
me a favor & not hesitate one day
but if you please at soon as you
rec this go to Mr. Grant & but that
black stalion of  his give  him as high
as three hundred dollars if you
cant do better but I think as the
yankees are so close you ought to
buy him for $225--I send you
fifty dollars it is all I have in
my pocket the other five I will
send you by the first oportunity, I
met with Mr Triplett unexpectedly
or I could have sent it all.
dont hesitate to buy the horse & give
mine or your note for him I will
send you my signature write the
note over it I am quite able to
buy & pay for him  I git ninety
dollars a month.  please send

[page 2]
him to Jackson's army by Jack
Willie Buck With Cousin Willie Jackson
or some little boy I will pay his expense
he can ride him easily & lead a
horse to ride back bring him immedi
ately or I will have to buy another
that will cost as much & wont
sell for half as much

Please start  him the day after you receive this
& also send the key to my trunk by complying
with the request made in this note you
will greatly oblige your affectionate

Walter Buck to M.B. Buck of Front Royal, Va.

MSS 3064

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