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1862 May 1 Newport, Kentucky

Newport  May 1st --62
My Beloved brother

Your most affecti
onate letter was recieved on Monday
a gentleman brought it to the
door did not send his name,only
remarked that he had promised a
friend to deliver it: Is it not
singular that some of our letters
should be retained and others
allowed to go through: yours [?]
at least one letter and one slip of
paper were both recieved very nearly
together the letter being a long while
en route; We were all made
very glad by your promise to visit
us this Spring will not next week or
the ensuing suit yourself and betti

[page 2]
the weather is quite pleasant
now and nature looking very
beautiful it is a good time to
come a little farther south than
Ph[iladelph]ia you will find a very dingy
look house No 112 Front Street
Mr J had made every arrangement
for having it painted a year ago , Some
of the Painters appurtenances were
on the lot, but the war seemed
so threaten Ky very strongly just then
and I urged him to postpone doing
anything more to the house it is a most
comfortable and spacious home thor
oughly ventilated plenty of shade
and grass for dear little Em to
enjoy with out the restrait of being
dressed for the public squares in
your city:  We have since the
difference of sentiment purvades
every where a very narrow circle

[page 3]
of visitors so we shall have
I hope the quiet Enjoyment
of our own household: and oh
how irrepressibly do I long
for the company of some of
my precious family: be sure
you dont disappoint me
Carri and Lee left on Saturday
for Canawha so to spend at least
the month of May  G P Thompson
was with us a week and Delia
and her Father had sent such
urgent invitation all winter
and the family there are so aff
licted, havin g in 12 months lost
Mother Sister brother Uncle and two
well loved excellent cousins from their
midst.  I begged hard for their
Father's consent that they should
on on what is really an act of
charity.  Not a word from home since

[page 4]
[I] wrote last except hearing through
the wife of an officer who left
here to join her husband in
Wigfalls division , and wrote
from Richmond March 16th that
George had got there for Mis
souri nothing more , last Oct I
wrote urging you to come on here
and see how it would suit [?]
[?] to [?] Blackman
the surgeon standing highest
has more than he can attend
to and he says Surgeons are
needed there; however all this
can be settled when we write
Robert has been laid up in the
house two weeks with rheumati
sm brought on by throwing of his
coat and sitting in an open window
while heated with rapid  [?]
he has suffered greatly love to Celia
and be assured always of your sister

letter of Catherine Frobes smuggled across the lines to Dr. William Forbes in Philadelphia

MSS 15127

MSS 15127

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