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1862 May 1 Fredericksburg, Va.

Fredericksburg  May 1st 1862

Dear Mrs. Noland

Now that our poor little
town is in the hand of the enemy, all
regular communication between us and
our side is of course cut off; so that it is
only by stealing stray chances, that we
can send letters out by persons going a=
way. In consequence of this, Oscar has
not heard from us, and he has been
left solely to your keeping---
We have no one out at Green Branch,
our old home to attend to having his
summer clothes made and sent
and after being perplexed greatly about
it I have concluded to take the liberty
of sending some materials to you, to
have made for him in the neighborhood

[page 2]
or as you may judge best and convenient.
I would not trouble you so, at any other
time, but under all the circumstances
surrounding us, I can see none other
expedient.  I send materials for coat,
vest and two pair pants; with linings,
buttons, thread, silk &c for all.
Enclosed $6.00 for the making of them
which I supposed would be sufficient;
if not, you will supply what is neces=
sary, and let me know by the first
opportunity.  Give much love to Oscar.
I hope he continues satisfied and happy
We shall always remember with grati=
tude your kind care of him--
Remember me to all your family, and
believe me with cordial regard
Yours sincerely
Sue Crutchfield

[presumably little Oscar Crutchfield is being tutored at the small school run by Nolands in Hanover County, Va.  The identify of Sue and Oscar is uncertain.  Confederate artillery officer Stapleton Crutchfield had a sister Susan and a father Oscar. Little Oscar may be a younger sibling or other relative]

MSS 6463


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