Thursday, November 8, 2012

1862 November 9, Post Hospital, Alexandria

Post Hospital  Nov 9th
Dear Mother
I received yours last
Monday and was much obliged
for that flower I am tiptop
though I wish I was in warmer
quarters in these little tents
without any stove or any way
of heating them and the weather
is awful I tell you Last Friday
we had the worst snowstorm I
ever saw in Va and the weather
feel like more snow so cold
that we have to put our overcoats
on and stand over the cooks
fire to keep warm.  The reason
why I do not get any pay is that
they wont pay us off here afraid
we will get a citizen sent and
take a French or in other words
desert.  Give my respects to Aunt

[page 2]
Abby and tell her I hope to be
able to meet her again and
set down over the stove and
tell her the story of a soldiers
life and while many a happy
hour away.  I should like some
of those apples & vegetables that
you got over to Uncle Isaac's.
Tell [Ann?] I should think it was
about time she did write she
must write oftener I dont think
the army will snooze much
this winter they wont go into
winter quarters as long as they can
move.  I wish you would send
me $5 as soon as possible after
getting this as I need it you can
send it in a letter I will risk it
send a greenback if possible
and then there will be no trouble
in changing it and that I guess
will last me till I can get
some at the regts I cant

[page 3]
write any more as my fingers
are getting so numb I can hardly
hold a pen  Sorry for Carrie
    With much love frm

Mrs. E. Smith
Newton Lower Falls

William Wallace Smith, Co. B., 22nd Massachusetts

MSS 15360

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