Thursday, November 8, 2012

1862 November 9 New Town Frederick Co. Va.

[Frank A. Dickens adds to a letter begun of November 2]

New Town Frederick Co Va.
Nov 9th 1862

Since writing the foregoing we have been con-
stantly on the go and I had not an opportunity to
send it we are now packing up for another move whee
to I am sure I do not know truly "man who is
born of woman and enlisted in Jacksons army is
few of days and short of rations" we hardly
have time to cook now-I expect that there will
be a terrible fight in a few days I think that
Gen Lee seems to be hemming the Yankeys up Genl
Smith is at and about Fredericksburg Genl Long-
street is on the Rappahannock and Jackson
and the two Hills are along the Shenandoah
from Front Royal to Castlemans Ferry forming
a line of [small sketch] of this shape The yankeys being in the
angle--Have you heard anything lately of [Lew?]
his regiment is somewhere in front of the enemy near
Orleans in Faquier Co--I do not know where
to tell you to direct a letter to me just direct to
Genl [?] brigade write soon love to all
                                      Your aff
                                          Frank A. Dickens

MSS 5533-d

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