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1862 November 9 Cowins Cross roads 11.30 A.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred  Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav: Division
Cowin's Cross roads, Nov 9. 11.30 a.m
To Major General Parke
   chief of Staff
                as some indication
of the forces at Culpepper, I will
mention I have prisoners from
the following rebel regiments viz
       4th Virginia cavalry
       8th  "               "
      1st Georgia      "
      28th Virginia Infantry
      18th "              "
       8th   Louisiana   "
       5th    Texas
Gen George Pickett has three
brigades, two miles this side
of Culpepper--Hewills[sic] division
is also there & Cobb's Legion
     I have parties out, of
which it will not do to
mention--getting information

   [page 2]
I have also three squadrons
out in detachments on the
same service.
       I wish the General
could send me two or three
suits of ordinary citizens
clothing about Army size
No. 4.  I can use them to
great advantage--also
some secret service money
at times can be useful--
This should be gold, as our
money is not acceptable, but
       My impressions at this
time are that Hill A.P. is at
Front Royal, & Jackson behind
Thornton's Gap  That Hill
if he gets a chance will break
thro' Chester Gap pass Barbees
& push towards Salem &

[page 3]
towards Gainsville--which
Jackson will pass down
to Culpepper by Woodville
when we move on that place--
  At this time, I think our
infantry force of several
brigades should hold Bar=
bees Crossroads, it is a most
important point--covering
Salem, Markham, Piedmont,
& Warrenton & Orleans & cavalry
cannot hold it against infantry-
   then, if the General will per=
mit me to suggest a bold
movement of two or three
corps thrown rapidly on the
road between Thornton's Gap
& Culpepper, by the way of Jefferson
Thompsonville, & Newby's Crossroads
would cut Jackson off

[page 4]
& attack Culpepper with
great advantage, in
connection with any other
operations contemplated--
  The enemy are I think
some shat disconcerted just
now, & rapid movements
may prove of more value
than hard fighting hereafter--
  An express has just come
in from my squadrons on the
road to Culpepper--reporting
Stuart-with some guns &
a considerable force of
cavalry at that point--he
had attacked them & was
driving them back--this
was six miles from here &
nine from Culpepper--
 I have sent out reinforce=
ments to my squadrons--

          Very respectfully
             A. Pleasonton
                 Brig. Genl.

MSS 945

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