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1862 November 8 Saltville, Va.

               Saltville Va. 8. Novr. 1862
My dear Little Nannie:
                                      I have just returned from a
horse-back trip of twelve or thirteen miles & take
this opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of
the 2nd inst: -
          I am sorry that you should have been
so indisposed and while I should have liked
to have met you at Mr. Byars’ before this I do
not wish you to come until you are entirely
ready – In fact I am just in possession of a
message from Mrs Byars asking you not to come
earlier than this day two weeks as she desires
between this & that time to pay a visit to some
friends in Wythe County – Please therefore don’t come
until that time and don’t come then unless
you are ready – I should prefer that you ar-
-rive at Glade Spring on that day of the week
because then I could meet & be with you all
the next day –
          I instructed the Agent at Glade Spring
not to forward articles to me at this place until
I asked him to do so – If they have a sewing
machine at Byars’ I did not see it –
          You need not have “The Republican”
sent to me as I see it daily –

[page 2]
Chesnuts are abundant here & so is cold weather –
          The Boots, Gloves & Umbrella were received
from John Williams & he is to have a heavy
winter suit made for – For that reason I
will have no use for the cloth at home
mentioned by you –
          Please let me know a day
or two before you get to Glade Spring that
I may meet you –
           Tender my love to each mem-
-ber of the family & kiss Willie for me –
                                                Your Own

Captain William B. King, Saltville Light Artillery

 [Their child, referred to as “Cap’n”  must be named William.]

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6682

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