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1862 November 8 Newby's Crossroads 4.P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred  Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav: Division
Newby's Crossroads
 Nov 8. 4. P.M
To General Wilcox
    Com'dg 9th army corps

General--Have reached this
point & find that the rebels
have been making use of this
road to pass to Culpepper--I
drove some cavalry off of
it & one of my squadrons of
the 5th Cavalry (Averell's brigade0
is charging them had Lt. [Oak?]
badly wounded with several
of his men--I have reinforced
the [in]fantry by a couple of regts
under Col. Farnsworth--not
finding a good country or camp
within vicinity-I shall return
to the neighborhood of Amiss-
ville, & report to receive further
orders from Genl Burnside
to whom pleas send this

[page 2]
dispatch--Hill & Jackson
Corps are still on the other
side of the mountains--If
the General desires their
communication with
Culpepper to be cut off
it will require a force of
infantry to do it, to hold
this place & Woodsville--
       Very respectfully
           A. Pleasonton
                 Brig. Genl
MSS 495

Very respectfully
    A. Pleasonton
       Brig. Genl.

MSS 945

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