Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1862 November 8 Fauquier County,Va.

[from the diary of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Saturday, November 8, 1862

Read with more pleasure than usual though
my wandering thoughts troubled me; when I knelled
to say my prayers I could not collect myself-
I was obliged to sit, & think-Oh will I never
never have more faith--I would like to be
filled with it so much so as to cast my cares
on the Lord-  there is one thing that fills me
with sorrow.  I dare not even write it here &
still when I try to pray my lips seem
paralyzed=I know that I never pray for
this as I should do=I hope that the spirit
maketh intercession for me for thereby my
heart groaneth & is weighed down with this
fear= & it is not for my self=..
The girls left this evening=I broached the
subject of wearing mourning for Peachy to Pa
& though he said nothing positively we greatly fear he
may object, as he has always done to Mas wearing
it for any of her relations..
to morrow is Sunday--Oh, that I may be
enabled to keep the Sabbath day holy, six days
shalt thou labor & do all that thou hast to do but
the seventh is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God
in it thou shalt do no manner of work
How had this law is to keep=I will endeavour
to remember it to morrow, & keep it holy in
word and thought. Oh, that my dear husband
may be like minded.

MSS 15406

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