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1862 November 7 White Plains, Va.

White Plaines Virginia Nov 7th 1862
Dear Father we are once more in the State of Virginia & are Camped on the Plains that Washington once made his winter quarters we arrived here last
night after A weeks march from Maryland passing Snickers & Asbys Gaps
which were taken by our troops we are camped close to the Railroad that branches
of from Manassas Junction so that you can see that we are in A place where
our Grub can be sent to us very easy you sat that there is A great deal said about
our clothing & as far as I can tell you I have A plenty to eat & drink & am not
lacking for one stich of clothing nor is the Regiment & that these that are
complaining are the ones that are always in the rear seeing what they can get
I am satisfied that the Government does everything that can be done for the
Soldiers & I think that if the Editors of papers would not write so much about
the destitution of the Union Soldiers they would make it pay.  A little better
they have had to much to say the Army moveing & how the men are all anxious
for A fight now I have not seen the man that is anxious to Fight but they are
willing when General McClellan says the word, let the President take the
Command away from MC & there is not Potomac Army because the Army has
confidence n him & believe that he is fighting for the good of his country not for
pay  Comeing through Maryland I saw Charley Green & he was looking finely
& he let me read A letter that Lizzie wrote to him about George &it was one of
the best letters that I ever read at the close of the letter she says Charley dont
forget to Read your bible & she speaks about George's death & takes on about it
in such a way saying that George was always good to her I will now close
this by saying that I received yours of the thirty first last night Just after we
had pitched our Tents for the night, It is snowing here I received two letters from
you the day we arrived at Berlin & cannot give the dates of them as I let Charley
Green have them but they had the letter that had the one about George & the
one that Mr Jackson wrote to you give my love to Mother & all hands at Home
From Your Afectionate Son Joseph Leavitt

Letters of Joseph Levitt of the 5th Maine and George Leavitt of the 5th New York were copied into a ledger by their father after the war as a remembrance of his sons both of whom died, George at 2nd Bull Run and Joseph at Spotsylvania

MSS 66

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