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1862 November 5 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, bank officer and former diplomat with five sons in the Confederate Army]

Wednesday 5 The glorious wea
ther we have had was interrupted
by a cloudy morning, and about mid
day it began to rain and continued
until night. Eugene had sent
up to Liberty for the Horse he
purchased of Dr. Leyburn.  He arri-
ved about 4.   Not very prepossessing
in his appearance, but serviceable
and a good roadster but not spir

ited or showy enough for a char
ger--various rumors of the ad-
vance of the enemy.  Our army
has been divided with two corps
d'armée  one of which, under
Longstreet is on this side of
the Ridge, moving at on Culpeper
-I have no doubt,  to [retract?] in
that the enemy will advance from
Suffolk.  Great events must take
place before the month closes
I confess I think the prospect
gloomy--but I trust in Gods
protection to a brave army
fighting pro aris et focis
I received and forwarded by todays
mail, a strong letter of recommenda-
tion of Charles for Judge Advocate
signed by the Bar  & warmly en-
dorsed by the Judge (Marshall)
I wrote also to Judge Daniel in Rich
mond  to request him to file a
letter of recommendation-- Dr. Wm
Herndon, whom we knew as a
student of [Brodies?] in  '45 called
and spent the evening. He remained
at his home in Culpeper CH during
the occupation of the place by

the enemy and his anecdotes of
what he saw were very interesting
Some of the Yankee officers were
gentlemen and behaved well
The detestation of Pope was univer
sal in the army. Capt Reeves
an old college mate of Lanty,
took tea with us. He is on Gen.
Carter L. Stevenson's staff.  I was
much gratified to learn from
him, as I have from others--though
Stevenson stands remarkably higher
He has just been made major Gen
eral--Seth Barton, also a general
is with him & Dabney Maury
is also a general--So that three
of Fredericksburg's sons are Gen=
=erals-It always was a good
place to be born in & to emigrate
from--not to dwell in except so
far as society is concerned. I do
not exaggerate when I say that
more money has been made in Lynch-
burg the last six months than in
Fredericksburg for 30 years.

MSS 4763

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