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1862 November 4 Upperville 6.45 A.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav: Brigade
Upperville Nov 4  6.45 A.M.
To General R. B. Marcy
   Chief of Staff-
                   Eight prisoners
have arrived from Piedmont
one is an officer 1st Lieut.
of 5th Virginia Cavalry
the men belong to the 1st
4 & 5th Virginia cavalry-
which shows one of Stuarts
brigades went that way
    Unless otherwise ordered
I shall move to that point
this morning & push a
reconnaissance to Manassas
Gap, at the same time try
& connect with Sigel's people
towards Thoroughfare Gap
   As Couch covers 

[page 2]
Ashby's Gap this morning
by my going further down---
there's more chance of
preventing their escape on
this side under the moun-
tain where I am told there's
a road--but rough--
      Please order some
Sharps carbine ammunition
for my command immediately
say 100,000 rounds--There's
no on hand at Harpers Ferry
so I am told- & we have
skirmished so much my
men are nearly out--Where
shall I draw my next provisions?
I only want to know in time--
Doubleday's brigade of infantry
under Lt. Col. Hoffman did
good service yesterday as
skirmishers- Lieut Egeel [Edgell?]
commanding batter New Hampshire
volunteers,with the brigade, also
did some good firing---
                                 A. Pleasonton
                                 Brig. General

MSS 495

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