Saturday, November 3, 2012

1862 November 4 Piedmont 5.45 P.M.

Hd.Qr. Cav. Brigade
Piedmont Nov 4, 5.45 P.M

To General Averell
Comdg Markham

Your dispatch of 4. P.M.
rec'd--Halt your com-
mand at Markham
until further orders-
as General McClellan
has other duty for the
command, which will
be communicated through
the night--Please send
me a list of your losses
to-day--I have sent
two squadrons  8th Illinois
towards Barbees & Sandy
Hook Dont let your pickets
that way fire on them--
         Very respectfully
             A. Pleasonton
                Brig Gen

MSS 495

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