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1862 November 4 Piedmont 4.45 P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav: Brigade
Piedmont, Nov 4.  4.45. P.M.
To General McClellan
                       I have sent Col. Gregg
& the 6th Cav. to reinforce Averell
at Markham. On looking at
the road from here to Markham
I find it would not to move
my whole command to that point-
The country being very hilly, --
no places to turn round in
case of retreat--I have
therefore directed Averell
not to attempt to push farther
& if too hard pressed to fall
back upon me--Averell
mistook my orders this
morning which did
not contemplate his
whole force going to
Markham, but only
a scouting party--as
[page 2]
it is more important to us
just now to gain information
than to gain glory by thrashing
Stuart--I have found a
good guide & have sent
two squadrons by Barbees
to Sandy Hook on the Chester
Gap & Flint Hill road to
Culpepper--by the road they
take it is only eleven miles
from here--Averell sends
me word he had two guns
& three hundred prisoners of
Stuart's at one time & then
lost them--I expect he has
had a hard fight- & as they can
so easily throw infantry upon
him thro' the Gap & the
country is bad I have advised
him to be very careful-
  I begin to think Stuart is
taking these Gaps to lead us off
the Scent                  A. Pleasonton
                                 Brig. General

MSS 495

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