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1862 November 4 on the Berryville Road, 6 miles east of Winchester

     New Camp
      Nov 4” 1862
My own darling Jennie
We moved camp yester-
day but instead of going nearer
to the enimy [sic] we went farther
from them.  We are now 6
miles east of Winchester on
the Berryville Road, but
other Divisions are nearer
to the Yankeys.  I dont know
what it means, I cant yet
understand our own movements
but doubt not the Yanks are
in motion & we are moving
for the purpose of drawing them
into dificulty [sic].  Dont you be-
lieve one word about if Jackson

[page 2]
leaving the Valley, he will do
no such thing.  Many thanks
to you my own precious wife
for the letter I recd yesterday
saying Lizzie the dear little thing
was better &c.  I was made to feel
happier all day & am yet than
I had been at any previous time
since my arrival in camp.
 I saw Jim yesterday, he had
just returned from Snickers
Gap from where we heard the
firing Saturday & Sunday.  he
said the Yankeys appeared
in force & they fell back.
I dont know how long we
will remain here nor the
direction we will take when
we start.  Lewis Reherd who

[page 3]
took the wagon back will
shortly return.  you can get
him to bring my boots which
will certainly be done by the
time he starts back.  I am sorry
I could send you so few things
in the wagon, and I concluded
not to send to Richmond for
fear the move would not suit
you in what he would get.
  How are your hogs & pigs
doing?  The former I suppose
are fat enough to kill.  Did
you get your fireplace fixed
up again, use the iron back
in my office if it will do.
in other words do the best
you can.  Tell my little
daughter Papa dont know
a name pretty enough for her

[page 4]
baby & Mama must find
one for her.  I did not
send the old linnen [sic] for
towels because I found it
no account whatever & had
to throw it away.
 I will send this letter to-
morrow by mail, if any-
thing occurs before then
I will mention it.

“My own darling Jennie”, salutation – Warren’s wife, Virginia ‘Jennie’ Waston Magruder Warren.

“Jackson”, line 15 – Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, Confederate general, commanded the Left Wing (2nd Corps), Army of Northern Virginia.

“the Valley”, page 2, line 1 – Shenandoah Valley.

“Lizzie”, page 2, line 5 – Warren’s oldest daughter, seven year old Lizzie.

“Jim”, page 2, line 10 – Jennie’s brother, James W. Magruder, 2nd Lieutenant, Company K, 2nd VA Cavalry.

“Lewis Reherd”, page 2, line 19 – Lewis H. Reherd, Private, Company B, 10th VA Infantry.  He was born in 1829 in Pennsylvania.  He was listed in both the 1850 and 1860 Rockingham County censuses as a blacksmith; the 1860 census showed his worth as $1,500.  Reherd enlisted in April 1861 at the first call for volunteers and by August was detailed as a blacksmith.  Surviving military records show that blacksmithing was his primary duty while in the service.

“my little daughter”, page 3, lines 18 & 19 – It is likely Warren referred to his oldest daughter Lizzie.  However, it is possible he could have referred to his eight month old daughter Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson.

“ETHWarren”, page 4, signature – Edward Tiffin Harrison Warren, Colonel, 10th VA Infantry.

[transcript and annotations by John P. Mann, IV]

MSS 7786-g

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