Saturday, November 3, 2012

1862 November 4 Fauquier County, Va.

[from the diary of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

It is with a sad heart I open my journal
to night to record the death of our dear
sister Peachie.  Can she be dead so young,
so lovely, apparently so healthy, but a short
time ago, now dead lying in the cold ground
the food for worms=Oh my sister, my sister-
Have you left us & your husband & your poor
motherless children--never, never never to be with
us again=.  Yes we will meet again=No more on
this earth but in our fathers house in heaven.  she
has just gone before; is not dead, but sleepeth=
even now her angel form hovers o'er us, & if
she could shed tears it would be for us= O what
happiness, what joy, is hers, resting in her Saviours
bosom free from all care, trails & pain--no more
sin, no more sorrow, O God sanctify this trouble
to us=Let it draw us nearer to Thee=strengthen
our faith & be merciful unto my father-O
let it be the means of his turning his eyes to
the cross, & give him thy Holy Spirit, to lead
him gently into the narrow way.=. Oh, if he would
only accept a Saviour's love, how good it would
be=Let it draw all of our hearts more & more
to pray for him til God will hear us, &
because of our importunities will give us
this blessing=& bring Emma & Nat Mrs Lackland within the
fold - then truly we would be complete in
Jesus. All washed in his blood, all clinging to the
cross--O-God hear me & grant this prayer for Jesus sake

[partly transcribed in 1972 by her granddaughter Anne Madison Wright Baylor]

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