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1862 November 3 Post Hospital

                                  Post Hospital  Nov 3rd/62

Dear Mother
                           This is a cold windy day here
though I suppose not nigh so cold as it is with you
I still remain here about the same as usual if
you could see me you would think I was a stout
looking fellow for a sick one As regards news
there is about the same as when I last wrote
Nothing only troops have been going out to
Centreville for the last few days pretty fast
the 1st, 11th, 16th regts went Saturday I was over to
see [?] Flagg Friday he is stout and hearty
as a buck.  Tell Homer we sleep on the ground
with nothing but our blankets under us and
for fodder we get a loaf of bread a day and
some salt shoat or pig had quite a windfall
today had some quail one for 4 of us he ran
into the tent yesterday and we caught him
  You ask if I got a letter from Mary Stedman
I got one on Halls Hill last winter and answered
it soon after that is all I ever received from
her That Frank Stedman that you speak about
asked me one day if I knew any Stedmans
in Newton and told me about  his aunt Mary
Amerige & his Grandmother.  Why did not you
send me a plate of fried pork & apples the other
morning for breakfast while it was warm I am
afraid it is all cold by this time.

[page 2]
I wish I could be there to get some good
apples as we have to pay such an awful
price for them here  You ask about papers
dont send any as I dont get them
Haven't got one since I have been here
You must not think strange I write so
little as there is nothing here to write
about.  Give my respects to Aunt Abby
and all enquiring friends
             From you aff son
                   Wm Wallace

Mrs E. Smith
Newton L Falls

William Wallace Smith, Co. B., 22nd Massachusetts

MSS 15360

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