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1862 November 20 Stafford Court House Va

Stafford Court House Va   Nov 20th 1862
Dear Mother  --It gives me great pleasure to write these few lines to let
you know that I am well & enjoying the same good health that God has so
favoured me with ever since I have been in the Army & I hope he has seen fit to
give to you & Father the same as there is not A day that goes by but that I am
thinking of you all at home especially you & Father there has been A change in this
Company that I feel sorry for that is in Captain Harris who has resigned
& there is one thing that the company can say & that is he never done anything
to disgrace the name of captain he was A brave Officer & at the time of battle
he showed A good example  to his men by putting himselfe in the Front of his com
pany & cheering the men on & that is the reason that I am sorry for his resigning
I will now close these few lines as I did not sit down only to let you know where I
was & how I was getting along, tell William to continue to write if he does not receive
any as I have as much as I can do to furnish you & Father the names of the Places
where we stop we have not got paid of yet but expect to when we get to A stopping
place fore two or three days & tell Henry not stop writing because he does not get any
but tell William & him that I shall write them whenever I have the opportunity
                 From you son Joseph Leavitt

Letters from Joseph Leavitt of the 5th Maine and his brother George of the 5th New York were copied into a ledger by their father in the fall of 1865 as a remembrance of his sons, both of whom died in the war, George at 2nd Bull Run and Joseph at Spotsylvania

MSS 66

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