Monday, November 19, 2012

1862 November 20 Fauquier County, Va.

[from the diary of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Thursday, November 20, 1862

I read as usual & was sitting at my
work when Daisy exclaimed yonder comes a carriage
I looked out not expecting to see one but was
agreeably disappointed.  It proved to  be cousin
Eliza Williams & Lena. They had heard of our
bereavement & cousin e. had come with her usual
kindness to sympathise with us--We spent an agreeable
day, though I can not say there was any real profit
in it.  Pa told us that Mr T[hompson] started for Richmond
in the morning & I wrote you a long letter after I cam
to my room i.e. added to the one I had already
commenced.  It was late when I finished writing & as
Jacque waked up just as I finished it took me
a long time to quiet him, so I did not get to
sleep till after twelve.

   After 25th of Dec. I will never keep another
journal like this-mean to start out on an
entirely different plan.  I see no profit nor
pleasure in this=The fact is  I am an
uninteresting writer & I might as well acknowledge

  I acted wrongly towards Tom this evening
Grew impatient & even angry with him because
he would not say his letters--I know it was
only obstinacy--for he afterwards said he knew
what it was--Oh, how will I ever learn to be
patient.  I am cross & impatient so often

[as transcribed in 1972 by her granddaughter Anne Madison Wright Baylor]

MSS 15460

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