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1862 November 20 Deep Run 8. A.M.

    Hd.Qrs. Cavalry Division
                   Deep Run, Nov 20. 8. A..M.
To  Major General Parke
            Chief of Staff
                 Your dispatch of yesterday
just rec'd--My pickets are now
as high as Kemper's Ford, with
the road to Kelly's ford picketed---
I have one regiment & a section
of artillery at Morrissville, some
five miles from here covering
the extreme rear & supporting the
reserves at the upper fords--
  I have directed General
Averill, who is on the other road
to picket the Catletts, Brentville
& Dumfries roads-
             My Head Quarters are
on the west side of Deep Run
four miles from Hartwood on
the Bealeton road--
                     The enemy has not
been seen on the Bealeton

[page 2]
since they attacked the 6th
Cavalry at Sulphur Springs-
two days ago--Their pickets are
observed at the different fords
on the opposite side-
                  I find there are two classes
of white people in this country, the
poor class & the wealthy or aristocra=
tic class--the poor ones are very
bitter against the others, charge
them with bringing on the war &
are always willing to show where
the rich ones have hid their grain
fodder, horses &c--Many of them
tell me it is a great satisfaction
to them to see us help ourselves
from the rich stores of their
neighbors--In one house I found
seven women & a lot of children
but no men, the husbands of
the seven were in the Southern
army, had been drafted so they
said--  Very respectfully
                       A. Pleasonton
                             Brig. General
                                   Comdg Cav: Division

MSS 495

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