Thursday, November 1, 2012

1862 November 2 [no place] 11.45 P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav Brigade
Nov 2. 11. 45 P.M.
General R. B. Marcy
    Chief of Staff
              Your dispatch of
today re'cd--I send my
aid for orders for tomorrow-
I hope you have rec'd all
my dispatches of today-
  In addition I have to
report that I sent seven
companies of 8th Penn-
to Bloomfield today &
captured three rebel cavalry
horses  carbines pistols &
sabres complete & [recap?]-
Major O'Neill of General
Meaghers Staff, before
he had be[sic] paroled--
              Every thing quiet

[page 2]
in front to-night--there
were no rebels left in the
vicinity of Bloomfield
& my pickets extend
in that direction---
  We are three miles
from Upperville at my
present position--&
several reports agree in
in[sic] placing Hill D.H. in
command thee in force
       Very respectfully
           A. Pleasonton
            Brig. Genl.

MSS 495

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