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1862 November 2 Medical Dept. East New York

                  Medical Dept.
                       24th Regt. M.V.M.
                      East New York
                             Nov. 2d. 1862
Dear Brother
                     We were aboard the
boat the last letter I wrote and
expecting every minute to go ashore
Well in about 1/2 hour after I had
sealed that letter,we landed at
Castle-Garden--had a dinner of
soup, very good soup it was all
but the parsnips.
After dinner the Steward and myself
got into a Bus. and sent up
Broadway a couple of miles-quite
a street that.
About dark got orders to start for
this place.  After eating some of that
cake & cheese that mother sent, the
Steward Myself & six sick men

[page 2]
walked about 20 rods to the Atlantic
Ferry North River, crossed for 2 cts
then got aboard the horse cars and
came directly to this place
whole distance eight miles cost
of transportation seven cents apiece
Don't you wish you could ride as
cheap as that?
The population of this place
is mostly German, I just went
down to the Post Office for the Surgeon
and passed a hall on my way--
heard music looked up and
saw people dancing--rather funny
business for Sunday?
We have a large stone building
for a Hospital.  Very comfortable
The Surgeon told me to day
that next Sabbath I could go
with him and hear Henry Ward
Beecher that will be rather
grand.  The 2d asst. Surgeon

[page 3]
heard him to day. he says
that he is as much above
common preachers as an
steam engine is superior
to a go-cart.
No knowing how long we shall
stop here probably a month or more
  It is prety lively times in
N.Y. now as it is near election
some say the State will
carry a hundred thousand
majority against the Admin
   Will send a paper with
this if I have time.
        Good by for the
           Your affect brother
                  C.P. Morrill
   East New York
     24th Regt. M.V. M.
Care J. C. Morison Surgeon

Charles Plummer Morrill, 24th Maine

MSS 11031

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