Friday, November 16, 2012

1862 November 17 East New York

       Camp Maine
         East New York
    Hosp. Dept. Nov. 17, 1862
I dont know as it is best
for me to write so often now
as hen we leave here we shall
probably go where you cannot
hear quite so often.
But it is a pleasure for me to
write home and much more so
to receive a letter.
I hope you will each write
a little every time you write.
I heard Beecher last evening he
preached very well. Text as the
Parable Lazarus & the rich man
or rather the last part. neither would
they believe though one should rise from
the dead. One should hear him more
than once.

[page 2]
write as you directed. Sometime
when I am at leisure.
I saw Cyrus Birney & the rest  of the
boys yesterday. they are growing fat &
The first death in the Regt. occured
Yestday last week: name of Magoon, died
of typhoid fever. Two deaths have
occured int he 21st One man, a
sergent was shot accidentally by
the Capt.  The Lieut. had been to the
city and bot. a revolver it lay on
the table loaded.  The Capt. took it
up and snapped it. the ball
entered the brain & he died in
about 8 hours he never spoke after he
was shot.  he leaves a widowed mother
He was a professor and had just
returned from prayer meeting where
he had spoken of the necessity of being prepared
at any moment to die.
The  other died last night of measles.
took cold in some way.

[page 3]
It rains quite hard.
If you are a mind, you can
send me $5. I should like to
buy me a rubber blanket before
we leave here.  We should probably leave
this week if the Regts had not the
When you have nothing else to do
George you must write me.
You wrote a very good letter.
Be a good boy & keep your nose clean
  I recd those papers that Lucked sent
in a bout a fortnight
                        Direct Camp Maine
                          24th Regt M.S.V.
                             (Hosp. Dept)
                               East. N.Y.

Yr affectionate son
          C.P. Morrill

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