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1862 November 16 Fort Tillinghast

Fort Tillinghast, Va., Nov 16/62

My Dear Wife,
                        I have received yours of
Nov 11th or I suppose it is one of your
letters, there was no signature, but I could
guess near enough where it came from,
I mailed you a letter on Monday last, Novr
12th  I suppose you had not received it when
you wrote your last or you would have
mentioned it.  It is a very cold cloudy day,
I have on one of those shirts that you
sent me, I find it very warm and com-
fortable, and it fits to a charm, You ask
me if I know of any Capt Chandler, who
has been placed on Gen Hooker's staff, I
know of none, it is not our Capt Chandler.
if it is we know nothing about it.  I am on
guard to-day and consequently can not
get much of a chance to write much, as
there are calls for me quite often,
Sergeant Earp is still quite ill, although
he is getting better, he is in the Hospital

[page 2]
I believe I mentioned to you some time
ago that Orderly Sergeant Carroll, was to
have a second Lieut commission in our
company and that his name was forwarded
to Mass for the same, and that that was one
reason why Earp did'nt get along in his
sickness any better, Last Friday a letter
came to Earp from Gov Andrews, giv-
ing him (Earp) the commission, so you
see that Carroll is shoved entirely out
of it, since Earp has had the letter
he has been recovering, slow, but sure,
We are all anxiously awaiting the coming
of Pay day, ware entirely played out, of
money, some say that we are to be paid
off the 20th of this month and some
say not untill January, I dont pretend
to know anything about it, but I dont
believe that Government has any right
to keep her soldiers out of their pay, for
so long a time, because there are a great
many married men in the army, who
really need their pay at this time of year.

[page 3]
about the removal of McClellan, I care
nothing about it, if it will hasten in anyway
the close of the war, I am glad of it, if not,
I am indifferent to the change.  It is now
about time for me to "post" another "relief"
If I have another opportunity to write any
more to-day I will do so--I send you some
flowers from the garden of a staunch Union
Man, by the name of Birch (formerly from
Mass.)--Perhaps it will be gratifying for you
to know that I have never been in any
better health since I let home than I am
at the present time.  My appetite is enor-
mous, I eat all that I can get and should
probably eat a great deal more if I could
get it, I am very fleshy, having almost
got Aldermanic proportions, The general
health of the company is very good,
Hopeing to see you and our darlings
ere long I remain yours in love

Robert, an unidentified soldier from Lynn, Mass., in Co. M., 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

MSS 1242

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