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1862 November 11 Thoroughfare Gap

Thoroughfare Gap Nov 11th 1862
Dear Father
                   It s with regret
that I learn that McClellan
has been removed. he is &
ever has been my favorite
Gen but those who knew
him, not to know him.--
I mean the Polititions[sic] of
the North must have their
way. They have got it--this
army has lost its best friend
but Public opinion is
stronger than this whole
army.  but remember--
there is (in my opinion)
a day coming when Mc
Cllellan will be called
back again to take com.
Still I am not like some
people, if they can not

[page 2]
have their own way they will
stoop--no matter how low
to carry their point.  Burn-
side is now my Gen & I
would do all in my power
to make him victorious
he is next to McC. & I
think a good go ahead
Gen.  I care but so much
who  has command if
they only bring this war
to an honorable close with
the loss of as few lives as
possible.  I have but about
six months more to stay
(unless I enlist again) & I
should like to see this
War closed before that time
every thing looks favorable
with the exception of the
removal of M.C. still
Burnside is the next man
& is liked very much

[page 3]
& I hope & trust he will be
cautious & strike fast-& shure.
We have had one snow
storm but it has all passed
away & the sun shines as
pleasantly as it did in
Oct.  We have had a march of
seven days duration & now
we are resting, son we
shall be off again.
Before me lays probably as
beautiful a sight as you
most ever saw one vast
plain as far as we can see
mostly woods with here
& there a clearing & some
thing white which tells
that there is or has been
some living being there
& to see the long line of
Gov wagons as they wind
themselves along through
the woods.  all looks beautiful

[page 4]
Yesterday McClellan Burnside
& their staffs were to see us
we cheered them long &
well.  It was a common
remark "I never saw Mc
C. look as sad as he did
today"  To-days paper told
the reason & I have no doubt
but at this time thousands
of soldiers are sitting around
the camp fires talking f
McC. Burnside & others
for there it is that the soldiers
do most of their talking
& if the Camp fires of the
Rebellion could talk they
would have something besides
nonsense to impart.  Va is
the cold side of the Sunny
South.  I suppose that E & Uncle
were very much pleased with
soldiers life they came in a
good time to see the best side
but got tired and on the first
days march & then went back

[upside down in top margin of page one]
Nov 13  we have not moved
Benj Spaulding is at Hagerstown
getting better slowly. cool but pleasant
I am 20 years old to-day

[unsigned letter of Charles Ellery Bradly, Co. I, 32nd New York]

MSS 9729

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