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1862 November 11 8 miles from Middletown

In camp 15 miles N.E. of Strasburg & 15 miles
S.E. of Winchester, & 8 miles E. of Middletown, in the
woods, where this Reg. was encamped from the
7th inst. until yesterday morning – Nov. 11th 1862
     Dear Ma,
               I left Culpeper C.H. the 7th directly after
[There is a fragment torn out of the above line so the word “after” is a guess.]
writing to you.  I met a man there who wanted to
send a horse to a Captain in the 6th Ga. Reg.  He was
a good horse & I gladly undertook to carry him to
his owner, as it was directly on my route to my
own Reg.  On friday I rode all day in the snow.  I
endured it much better than I expected I could. – from
Culpeper C. H. I set out to go to Front Royal having to go
a circuitous route to avoid the Yanks.  It is impossible to
give particulars.  On Sunday evening I overtook the
6th Ga. together with D. H. Hills entire Div. on the march.
The Div. camped near Strasburg & I stayed with the 6th.
There was no commissioned Officer with Capt. Anderson’s
Co.  The Capt. was at home & 1st Lt. was left in the rear sick.
I made arrangements however to have the account attended
to.  Pa can rest perfectly easy until the account is sent to
him by the Auditor. – Yesterday I left Strasburg and at
4 P.M. reached this place.  The boys had made huts to

[page 2]
partially protect them from the snow & winter’s
wind.  The Brigade left yesterday to go some 8 or 10
miles to destroy some Rail Road.  The sick & barefooted
men were left at the camp – where I now am.
I find some half dozen without shoes & 10 or 12 sick,
among the latter is York Raines of course. The Reg. is ex-
pected back this evening so I will wait here for it.
There are over 40 men in the Co. besides those left here.
[Fragment is torn out of line.] the finest of health & spirits. – those that are
sick are only slightly so & look better than I ever
saw them. – I now wish I had brought my hat.  If Bob is at
home when you get this please send it.  He may bring as
many as he can.  the boys want hats & will pay a good price
for them.  It will probably be best for Bob to come on as
soon as he can, but he must fail not to provide him-
self with plenty of warm clothing.  The Pants he found &
left at Gordonsville were lost, as was one of the knap-
acks, containing a shirt & pair of drawers of mine.  I will need
my janes suit by the time Bob comes, but not before I hope.  I
left all my clothing, except what I have on at Gordonsville.  When
Bob gets there I wish him to bring my knapsack, which contains
a suit of underclothing.  I left it with Mrs. Jordan. – We
lost 5 men killed in Maryland.  Sergt. Hamaus & Wm Coleman, were
among the number.  The weather is mild now.  I am well.  Josh
is well. – 14th I am now with the Co.  We expect stirring times.
Josh wants a hat. – I left a blanket in Gordonsville.  Bob must bring
it. -                                         John

Lt. John Y. Bedingfield, 60th Georgia

 [According to Dr. Keith Bohannon, there are two men named Raines in the printed roster of Bedingfield’s company: A.W. Raines and William M. Raines.]

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13119

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