Friday, November 9, 2012

1862 November 10 Fauquier County, Va.

Monday, November 10, 1862

  I determined last evening to get up
early read & go to work sooner than
usual, but overslept my self. Was just
ready for breakfast & was late getting
my sewing=....
Helped Ma to put wicks in her candle
moulds--sewed for Jacky--
  Bro. C. heard of Peachys death & came
out to see us. said nothing about it however till
he offered prayer when he made a beautiful
& most suitable address at the throne of
grace: that this wound might be of service
to us, that God would pour on the oil of
his spirit & draw us all closer to him.  It
made me love him more.  I think he is a good
Br. C. brought me a letter from own dear
husband: I can't say how grateful I was
for it. I feel that it was an answer to the
pray as I have felt so constrained to make
for him lately-though I do much wish he would
tell me of his spiritual state--It is the
only subject we never thoroughly discuss & I
hope we are both more interested in it than
any other=I always pray for him, & I
hope he ever remembers me.   I need his
prayers= I know he is a good man=though
I pray for better things for him still.

MSS 15406

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