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1862 November 10 Cowin's Cross roads 9:50 A.M.

Hd. Qrs. Cavalry Division
Cowins Cross roads Nov. 10
                                             9:50  am
To Major Gen'l Parke
    Chief of Staff
               I find there are four
roads between this & Woodville-
that pass down to Culpepper from
Chester Gap--each of which
should be strongly guarded
to prevent the rebel trains passing
down--The rebels are now
using Thornton Gap for their
trains Chester Gap being guarded
by Jackson--Jackson has no
train with him, but is supplied
by the farmers in Page county--
His trains are hauling supplies
to Culpeper--Jackson's plan
is to when we move to Culpepper
is to strike for Warrenton junction
& Rappahannock Station-

[page 2]
If we attack him in the
Gap he will retreat up the
Valley towards Staunton--
this is what he wants to
draw us off from Cul=
pepper--His army it is
said is composed of the
picked fighting run of
the whole--The Army
at Culpepper I am told
is a good deal demor=
alized & will not stand
much of  a shock--
            The negro that
came in from Jackson
yesterday tells me that
if we can get our Army
to Madison--we shall
cut Jackson off from
the road to Richmond
from its connection with

[page 3[]
Culpepper & would break
up the Culpepper Army--
I learn that Joe Johnston,
& Shanks Evans & Geo.
Pickett are at Culpepper--
Stuart is in front of
me at Hazel river on
the other side--There has
been  some picket firing-
but I shall not disturb
him until the General
is ready to let "slip the
dogs of war"--
         Jackson has no
cavalry except some
few for scouts--
         Leave a strong force
to face Jackson covering
Warrenton & its junction with
a corps of observation at

[page 4]
Barbees--push your forces
down on Culpepper vigorously
inclining to the right to
take in Woodville &
Madison--Give us ten
days more good weather
& wind up the campaign
in a blaze of glory!!!
  Stuart told a lady that
our rapid advance was
due to desperation, that we
were forced to it, & that
on reaching the Rappahan-
nock we would get the
soundest thrashing we have
ever had--Nous verrons!
Please let me know if you
received  my dispatch of 2.30.
P.M. yesterday:
                         Very respectfully
                        A. Pleasonton
                          Brig gen
MSS 495

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