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1862 November 10 Camp Near Culpepper

November the 10/62
Camp Near Culpepper
Court House Va.
Dear Parents
I take the
present Oppertunity of
dropping you injoyin
a few lines to let
you know that I am well
At present hopping
we when theas few lines
comes to hand they may
find you injoying the
same Blessing I have
no  news of importance
to write to you I
Received your letter the
other day I was glad
to here from you all
you wrote to me to know
whether I needed an
any clothing or not.

[page 2]
I have as much as
I can carry I need
a Couple pair of socks
I want you to save
me some Chestnuts
and send to me the
first chance I will
I want several other
things But I will write
again and let you
now what I wain want
I will send you
some money the first
chance you need not
send me any thing
s untill I write again
we air expecting a
great Battle at any
moment part of our
forces was In gaged
to day I have not
heard the Result

[page 3]
we was called
to am arms But I
suppose we must
whiped the enemy
or we would been
in to it be fore this
time you need not
be surprised to here
of a great Battle at
any moment I think
we air prepaired to give
the S Rascals a good
thrashing our troops
air in verry good
Spirits we air seeing
verry heard times get
But verry little to eat
when we get a dozen
of apples to eat we
halfe pay one dollar
per dozen you know
that is dear eating

[page 4]
Bacon is $1.00 per lb
I hove I hove had
my  health splended
now I must Bring
theas few lines to a
close you must write
often you hove a Better
chance to write to me
then I do to you you must
must excusce this letter
By fire lite write
soon direct your letter
to Culpepper Court
House Va Give my
love to all the
children so nothing
more But Remain
affectionate Son
James B. Painter

James B. Painter, Co. K, 28th Virginia

MSS 10661

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