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1862 September 1 near Mobile, Ala

                                                near Mobile Ala
Camp Goode  Dog River Factor Sept 1st 1862
Dear Genl
                     As I have nothing to do today
& there is no battallion drill I concluded
I would write you a few lines.  I have
been very well since I enlisted in the
army. I have had the measles & mumps, had
them soon after the Regt was organized
i am very well at present with the exception
of a very bad cold & cough.  I expect it is
the Hooping cough I have.  We have a great
deal of sickness in the Regt & company
We have lost two of our men from our
company.  I do not know how many have
died in the Regt.  We do not turn out more
than 150 men on Battalion drill. I never saw
the like of sickness in my life.  I hope
your health has been good.  I have not
heard from uncle Rives sometime, he was
well when I heard from him last.
Our field officers names are as follows
R. H. Smith Col.  L.T. Woodruff Lt Col
Thos. H. Herndon Major.

[page 2]
Capt Wemyes health is not good at
present he says he is improving. he hates
to say that he is sick. He is not sick
enough to be in bed, but not able to
be on duty.  He says he thinks he will
be able to go on duty soon.  All of us would
like very much for this war to close
but we do not see any prospect ahead
for it to close soon.  Our Regt is
stationed at a very sickly place. The rainy
season has commenced. it is raining now
& we had a hard rain last night & night
before.  Our Regt is armed & if it were
not for so much sickness we would
be ready to go into active service
which we are all very anxious to do.
We wanted to go up to Chattanooga some
time ago but I had much rather stay
south now until next spring &  then
go up to Tenn. or Va. I think we can
stand the winter much better down
her than we could farther north

[page 3]
I never heard of such enormous prices
as they ask in Mobile for anything.
things they used to sell at 25 cents they
ask $1.50 cts or more.  it takes all a soldier
can make to buy him a little something
good to eat. But I am in hopes we will
soon  whip the yankees out, & live at
home in pease & quietude.  I am getting
very tired of the war.  Capt. Wemys
think that it will end that it will end in two
moths.  Write soon. xcuse my poor
letter.  my bad writing as I am in a
yours respectfully
Direct Smith Powell
Co. C. 36th Ala Vol. Mobile Ala
care capt. Wemys

MSS 640

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