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1862 September 1 Camp Beardsley

[patriotic stationery with vignette of a tree covered with American flags, each labeled with the name of a state and the motto: "Traitor! spare that Tree, Cleave not a single bough, In youth it shelter'd me, And I'll protect it now"

Camp Beardsley Sept 1st 62
Dear Sister
             I wrote home
last Tuesday but I knew
how you all there you
never answer any letters so
I will write again we have got
our tents all up and we are  now
having a fine time Our Company
is the [?] Company so we have
the widest street the streets are
divided off into one I in front
of each Companys tents we have
named ours Broadway as it
is the largest the Geneva Regt
composed of Comapny from
Geneva Waterloo & Seneca Falls
they are encamped about a

[page 2]
mile west of us. the
artillery on the left of
us fired in at the
Rebel Signal lights Saturday
night which sent us all out
of our tents in a hurry our
pickets bring in runaway niggers
ever day. the 22nd Regt from
New York City left for home
last yesternoon yesterday afternoon
the were 3 months men when they
left they gave us boards to  floor
our tents & some other things
that they could not take
away We are now expecting
the next Regt. from Auburn
What is the news n Auburn
We get New York papers
Waverly Magazines & other Cant

[page 3]
you send a daily when there is
any news. We have not heard
a word about drafting since
we left at least I have not
Write soon I will have to close
for it is most drill time.  We
have got our guns & amunition
but we do not have to carry
any thing when we drill Give
my love to all and to all
enquiring friends
      Your Brother
               Clayton Bodley
         they have changed the name
of our camp to Camp Beardlsy
in honor of Wm C Beardsley of
Auburn Chairman of War
Committe Excuse all mistakes

Clayton Bodley, 111th New York Infantry

MSS 8474-u

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