Friday, August 31, 2012

1862 September 1 Camp N. P. Banks

               Camp N. P. Banks
                    Sept 1st /62 1 am
Dear Miss Annie
                     We are off for
Washington in half an hour
I did not think when I saw
you this evening, that my
wish to get off would be
realized quite so soon, but
Washington is in danger and
we have all responded to
Collins call upon us.
I cannot leave without
expressing my regrets lest
you may have thought me
too flippant tonight considering
what is before us, but I had
made up my mind to not
give way to my feelings under
any circumstances, I do not
intend to do so. I really

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appreciate as much as any
one my situation & feared
that you might judge me
harshly.  Please not do so.
   Wont you keep what I
enclose until my return
when I will claim it?  I
do not ask you to wear it,
I will be satisfied if you merely
keep it in remembrance of an
old friend.  I dont know how
many more favors I may have
to ask.  Good Bye
                   Truly  Yours
                         J. T. Lea
P.S. My brother has directions to
send you a Photograph.  I
am afraid it will be some time
before you can get yours from
Ned Bowen

Joseph Tatnall Lea, 1840-1916,   114th Pennsylvania Infantry, to his future wife Anna Anderson Cabeen

MSS 11412

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