Thursday, August 30, 2012

1862 August 31 Fredericksburg, Va.

[from the diary of Dr. Brodie Strachan Herndon]

Sunday 31st  Bro. John comes
down with a letter from Mat
saying that our dab was in
Richmond--We are all of
course delighted to have him
so near us.  All the evening
we look at the fires across the
river and witness the departure
of the Yankees.  they burnt
up their Depot and made
numerous large fires of stuff
about their Camps.  About
dusk they set fire to the three
brid[g]es  Mother the girls & I
went to neighbour Rowes to wit-
ness the conflagration--After
a heavy explosion of powder
under Chetam bridge we thought
it prudent to withdraw
The town being regularly delivered
back to the civil authority a
patrol paraded the streets
all night.  Everybody in high
spirits at our deliverance
God grant that it could be
final & complete

MSS 2563-b

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