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1862 September 1 Brampton

                                           Sept. 1  62
My dear wife
               I am seated quietly at home, though
not as quietly as I would like either for Mr
Haney & family are still in the house and I do
not care about moving them yet, for though
there is every prospect of our army continuing
its advance still nothing can be relied upon in
war.  I miss Brothers family & Ella.  Affairs were much
more comfortable when they were here.
I have gathered together the remaining pieces
of the china and with some little glass
found it to fill two barrels.  the white ware
is still here and I may keep it. I think
I shall bury some of the glass left there, a few
decanters & the old Glass.  I have an idea of packing
up your Chamber furniture There is enough in
the house besides it and so could be placed
in a more secure point.  when I send back the
wagons I propose to send over a matress or two

[page 2]
In view of the uncertainty of being able to reap
what I plant I am much inclined to rent or buy
a small tract of land on the South Side of James
Rifer say in the neighborhood of Danville or Pittsylvania
the increased activity I indulged in during the
past week or ten days has deranged[?] my liver &
admonishes me of the necessity of quiet.  I am
unwilling to quarter on your Father & to be further
separated from my family, with some necessary
therefor.  At the same time we might be able to
remain quietly here which would be far more
pleasant - & we might keep a few things here & to
be prepared to move at any time, we might live
in our trunks and not have much--my judgment
admonishes me to remove our effects to some other point,
yet I am loth to leave a place where we have spent
many happy hours--I have had the potatoes dug
& onions-the yankees left a peck of the latter & a few
bushels of the former--the June[?] square[?] of Salsify

[page 3]
was destroyed by the growth of weeds it may put up
again though I think it will not---Mrs Haney will
dry peaches & apples & divide with you.  rather she has
dried apples. The corn crop looks very well my
wheat is injured--I am looking anxiously for the
horses, oxen & wagons why do they not come?
have written you three letters on the point
Gen Stuart made a raid in the rear of the enemy &
captured a good many horses & wagons & money--also
Gen Popes baggage & private papers & horse, I saw his
dress parade |                      | & was sending it to Gov Letchers
Every day     |hole cut to re- |  hundred prisoners go by
there is a       | move stamp   | that 2500 prisoners are at Rapidan
now & that   |                       | cannon were taken on
yesterday--There has been a complete devastation of
Culpepper County by the enemy  Neither negroes or provisions
or fencing from here to the river (Rappahanock)
  Kiss our dear boys and give my bet love to all at
Carysbrook---    Most truly yours A. G. Grinnan

address leaf

Mrs. A. G. Grinnan

Andrew Glassell Grinnan, 1827-1902; Georgia Screven Bryan Grinnan, 1837-1912

MSS 49

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