Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1862 November 1 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph Addison Waddell, civilian employee of the QuarterMaster Dept.]

November 1862
Saturday, November 1, 1862
Reports in yesterday's papers, received last night, of English and French intervention. They came from New York. — The two governments, it is said, will propose an armistice to the United States, with a view to negotiation, for peace; and if it is refused, the Southern Confederacy will be instantly recognised. The governments named are apprehensive of servile insurrections, when Lincoln's emancipation proclamation takes effect, on the 1st of January next, and are solicitous for the safety of the subjects resident in the Confederacy. Lord Lyons, the British Minister, was to sail on the 25th ult., bringing a formal proposition to Washington, and the same steamer was to bring similar instructions to the representation of France. These are the reports — not fully credited.
I learned last night that Mr. Tinsley had gone to Richmond on Wednesday, to see the Secretary of War in reference to the occupation of our church. I regretted it exceedingly. Last night J. H. Lacy, an aid of Gen. G. W. Smith, came up under orders to investigate the matter. — He came to see me this morning, and I explained my position and feelings. Another letter from Mr. Stuart last night — he says Kentucky is joined to her idols. I fear the State is really against us, and if so, how are we to agree upon a boundary, or ever have peace?

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow Project]

MSS 38-258

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