Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1862 November 1 Philomont 4.P.M.

Hd. Qrs. Cav. Brigade
Philomont Nov 1. 4 P.M.

To General R B Marcy
Chief of Staff
      We have had some hard skirmishing
with Stuart--He outnumbers
us & his infantry drove
my advance back with some
loss--but my guns have
punished him severely--
three times I have driven
his guns from position--He
has I think two batteries--
& they have reinforcements
at Upperville & I think
Union--This is a splendid
position & it is of the greatest
importance a brigade of
infantry should come up
at once & hold it--saw
another battery that [?]
may be free--
  Col. Gregg & Maj Keenan
of the 8th  Penn did
good service today

[page 2]
skirmishing with a superior
force of the enemy--
I think they are now
working round to my left
as my pickets towards
Aldie are skirmishing--
   I saw their wagons
going off towards Upper

                  Very respectfully
                    A. Pleasonton
                      Brig. Genl

MSS 495

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