Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1862 November 1 Chapel Hill, N.C.

[from the diary of Eliza Oswald Hill, refugee from Wilmington, N.C.]

Saturday--One letter from Tom--He is still near Winchester
& begs me to send him a blanket as the weather is becoming
very cold--I went out to return visits with Mrs Walters and
while at Dr Jones' heard of an opportunity to send off a blanket
to Tom--Captain Saunders leaves Monday morning & is ta
-king a great many things to the soldiers near Winchester
& will Miss Mollie Jones assures me take Toms blanket so
I have sent it to her to give her cousin--I dont know
wen Noah will start--or whether he will go at all as
he does not wish to return & has gotten a job of work
I was quite disappointed at not hearing from Liz or Eliza
to day- We paid 4 pleasant visits--Mrs Hargraves--Mrs
Pools--The Reverend Dr Johnston--& Dr Jones'--This after
-noon I have been writing--Every day passes without
my getting any work done--Mr Wingfield & daughter got
back from Richmond to day--Nothing new from the Army
Tis reported that we have taken Plymouth from the Yankees
but how long can we hold it from their Gunboats--
Mr Grabell has commenced sending papers again--

MSS 6960

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