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1862 September 30 near Camp Lee

    Near Camp Lee
                                       Sept. 30th 1862
My Dear Mother –
                              Your letter came last night – I am very
much obliged to you for the box – whether I get it or not –
The latter is doubtful as we leave at eight this
morning. A friend has however gone to town
to get it here by that time if he can for
me. I am sorry you sent brandy in it,
for several reasons. I never enjoy it in camp
& it does those who drink it more harm than
good. It will however be enjoyed. I am particu-
larly obliged for the socks. I was wishing last
evening for a pair. We lost two men at the
battle of Sharpsburg – one killed – the other wound-
ed & a prisoner. My dear mother I have not
time to write more   give my best love father
George & all – We go to Culpepper C. H.; there
we expect to report to a cavalry officer
who escorts us to the army. You must not
be uneasy if you do not hear from me
for a fortnight for while on the march
it will be almost impossible to write.
                               Most affectionately yr. son
                                                W.H. Perry, Jr.

William H. Perry of the Richmond Howitzers

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 7786-d

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