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1862 December 8 near Aquia Creek

[from the diary of the Rev. Francis E. Butler, chaplain of the 25th New Jersey]

Mon 8.  Clear bright cold day.  Wrote Mr. H.   got letters
Sat. fr. home – franked letters.  Nothing but coffee & hard
tack for breakfast.  rose at reveille – Saw several regts.
move infantry move to front.  We are on high bank   Rbl
Army close by in gorge – Abt. noon staff baggage – Ard & my
horse & blankets came – It was a welcome sight arrival.
We ate sweet potatoes  roast turkey & bread, with
relish.  Attended dress parade.  815 is strength of regt.
Coming in - Perry sd. with tears he had given way to anger &
used bad language – talked & comforted him.
One crazy boy – says “My dear Chaplain you never heard
me say bad words Amen” – Col. M & officers took

tea with us.  I am to go (DV) tomorrow with
Col. M. to Burnside’s head Quarters   Falmouth to
see about being new brigaded &c   visited Capt. Blenkow
Sick in Shelter tent.  Sd. his father was shot at Waterloo
before he was born – tallest man in his regt.   the
Capt is abt. the shortest in his.  May be ordered to front
any moment – cant get any supplies except
pork – crackers – coffee sugar salt & potatoes.
Our march here was abt. 70 miles - & 6 crossg. river,
a week a way.  Not quite so cold today.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12935

Three men with last name Perry in 25th New Jersey: Private Berthnal of Co. C, Private John of Co. H. and Private Theodore S. of Co. H.

Col. Moses N. Wisewell [?] of 28th New Jersey

Capt. David Blenkow, Co. F, 25th New Jersey

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