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1862 December 2 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, bank officer and former diplomat with five sons in the Confederate Army]

Tuesday 2  I feared I should have
to go to Richd which just now I
[deprecate?]--but I found a messenger
in D. B. Payne, in whom I have
perfect confidence-& I gave him
letters & he will bring up $200,000
in [notes?] I shall, therefore, go only
as far as University with Eugene
-This is my dear wife's  birthday
-her 60th-She does not , when tota
lly well, look fifty. It is very
strange how she has preserved her
good looks under such long contin-
ued & severe sufferings. We are
now in the 38th year of our wedded
life.---Weather fine. No news
from any quarter-went in the
evening to Sues-find that Dr Minor
is now boarding there-At the day
of his last letter Charles was at
Spotsa. C.H.--had been received in a
most flattering manner by his com-
pany & the Regt who all looked upn
his return as a triumph of over the
colonel: He was just setting out to
find Gen. Lee.  He says Munford
had gone home (He was in town to-
day)  and the belief was he had
resigned. I sincerely trust this may
be so for the good of the service & for
Charles' sake, who would than be
major--at night, we had for sup-
per Wm Allen, an old acquain
tance & friend of the boys at the
University, from Winchester and M. A.
He has been in the QM. Dep. but
stood his examination for [commission?]
with the ordnance corps--passed &
is made a captain--[with?] Charles
Minor, and Dinwiddie & young
Grattan--all University boys &
three of them teachers--nearly all
the appointments were given to Vir-
ginians after strictly competitive ex
aminations--There will be great
clamor I suppose.  Allen impressed
me with a high opinion of his talents
and character.  He is a very superior

MSS 4763

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