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1862 Dec 8 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of Wesley Hammond, Co. E., 42nd Virgnia "Dixie Greys"

Monday 8th.  Felt
rather unwell to day as I sat up
last night, Read a sermon from
Union Pulpits.  Tuesday, 9th. –

1 & 5 S.
[The rest of this page is blank.]

The daily entries in Hammond's diary end here.  Pages to the end of the small pocket diary contain the following assorted notes

           Wesley Hammond

Neb. xi. 24  26
Moses standing, etc.
Life full of illust. events
He is promising appearances
I  The Choice of Moses –
II.  The things Moses suc-
III.  The time in which he
made this choice and sub
IV The great principle
by which he was acutated.
I.  chosen
1.  The condition of his af-
licted countrymen
2.  He chose religious

1 he sacrifices the dignity of
a prince.
2  he [-] the riches of a prince
3.  The pelasure [sic] of a palace
III.  Time etc.

12 1. Faith
2 was sanctified self in-
1. G  ask was his choice
2. Then imitate his son
3. Act on same prin
4. And [---] a high

Jacob Echols.
Wesley Hammon

Sister E. T. Howlett,
Geo. W. Sheelly
Bro. Roy Littleton.

John Owens, Dave Sperry
$40.00 from same
W. R. Smith $ 2.00 in stamps
Bill of exemptions

Mrs. Annie E.  Pitzer
   Clear Branch P. O.
            Washington. Co.
Received of Mr. Shrewsbury
$ 300.00 Sue Hannah Floyd
$  37.50  Gabe [or Gave] 94.00, [-]
$ 91.00

Wise St.
Taylor St.
Monroe St.
Polker St.
Jackson St.
Federal St.
Harrison St.
Madison St.
Clay St.
Court St.
Church St.
Main St.
Jefferson Street

S. C. Hammond        $45.00
C. Hammond               39.00

List of killed and wounded in
Kernstown fight
M. Hall.  S. Reynolds
Sergts. J. M. Evans,  W. McCauly
Privates  J. P. Edington, G. Shrewsberry
W. Taylor.  J. Airheart.   D. Shrewsberry.

List killed & wounded at the battle
of Cedar Run  Augt. 9th 1862
W. A. Walker,  P. Shetzer [Shartzer], J. Cling
enpeel, J. Moorman, J. Hogan
H. Floyd, J. Phillips

G. L. Garnand. A. Bott
T. J. Hawley.  J. Mason.
J. Lansdown. C. Moses
Capt. A. J. Deyerle.  Lieuts. W. Per-
.  singer, A. J. Heslep.  Sergt.
C. M. Dulaney – Privates.
R.. P. Kefauver.  S.  Divers.
M. P. France.  R. Craig. D
Lockard.  S. J. Jenkins.
T. Redden – In hands of Enemy
N. Smith, J. Lefler since died
R. Morris –W. Blanken
ship.  S. C. Hammond
Battle Manassas. 28 Aug. Casualties
Sergt. S. C. Hammond wounded
Private D. N. Wertz killed.

Distance from  Woodstock to [-]
Woodstock to N. Market 20
N. Mar, to Harrisonburg 18
Harrisonburg to Mt. Crawford 9
Mt. C. to Mt. Sidney 6
Mt. S. to Staunton 10
Staunton to Lexington36
Lexington to Nat. Bridge 16
Nat. Bridge to Buchanan 12
Buchanan to Fincastle    18
Woodstock to Winchester   [-]
From Winchester home    180

     The lamentable cry of poor
Adrian when he felt death ap proa-
ching.  “ Oh my poor wandering soul!  alas!
whither art thou going!  Where
must thou lodge this night!
Thou shall never jest more.
Never be merry more!”
    Malachi IIII. 15
Where ignorance is bliss
Tis folly to be wise. – Guy

Spalden glue.
Paper for Envelopes

John Owen
        Cave Spring
             Roanoke Co.

                   2 ¼        
                   1 ½
                  14 ¾

[There are some words in pencil that cannot be discerned  with the following written over the top in pen:]
    Wesley Hammon
                 Augst 25/61

     Wesley Hammond served as a Corporal in Co. E, 42th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.  In the Regimental Register for the 42th , on page ninety-three, the following  is noted beside his name: “Cpl., Co. E. enl. 6/4/61, Salem, Roanoke County, 4th Cpl.  Present through 10/3/61.  Staunton hospital, sick, by 12/31/61 through 4/1/62.  Returned, promoted 3rd Cpl., furloughed on sick leave by 8/7/62.  Returned then to Staunton hospital 10/18 through 12/31/62.  Promoted 2nd Cpl. 10-12-62.  No further record.  Postwar rosters indicate he was discharged in 1862.”

     Also listed in the Regimental Register for the 46th is Wesley Hammond’s brother, Samuel. C. Hammond, whom Wesley mentions in this dairy.  He enlisted the same day Wesley did on 6/4/61.

     This transcriber has referred to the 42nd Virginia Infantry , The Virginia Regimental Histories Series to verify the spelling of some of the names in Co. E. for which Hammond’s writing was unclear, particularly in his lists of killed and wounded 

  - Mary Roy Dawson Edwards, Transcriber         September 2002

MSS 5526

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