Friday, June 29, 2012

1862 June 30 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph Addison Waddell, civilian employee of the Quartermaster Dept.]

Monday afternoon, June 30, 1862.
The battle near Richmond was continued on 
yesterday. Cannonading distinctly heard in this 
region. We have no details of the fight since 
Friday, but telegraphic dispatches received to- day 
state that the Federal army was retreating towards 
James River. The reports are encouraging for our 
side. Eight members of the Guard (from Staunton) 
wounded, besides the Captain Burke. Three of the 
Staunton Artillery reported killed — all strangers 
to me. I sat up with Dr. Edmondson last 
night, who died between 1 + 2 o'clock this morn-
ing. His family overwhelmed with grief. At 
the same time these battles of his horrible war 
are filling thousands of households with lamen-
tation. I had another swarm of bees yesterday, 
and one to-day, making three from the same 
hive this season. When I contrast my circum-
stances with those of many other people, how 
 much have I to thank Good God for. Yet how 
do I repay Him for his goodness! I do desire 
to draw near to the Lord Jesus, confessing all my 
guilt, that I may find pardon and deliverance 
from Sin. The bees have been a source of much 
entertainment to me, and have, in part, sug-
gested these reflections.

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow Project]

MSS 38-258

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