Friday, June 29, 2012

1862 June 30 Richmond, Va.

                     Richmond,  June 30th 1862
                              Monday Morning
My dear Miss Mary
                         I enclose to you $5. can
you lay it out for me in marketing
to any advantage, & send it down to me
next time the boy comes--this week, if
possible.  the whole city is crowded with
the wounded & the many friends flocking
here to attend to them, & it is almost impos-
sible to get things for the table. Dr Huge has
so much company too--almost every meal
some one.  I try my best to plan & economise,
but find it difficult.  Can you send me
any new potatoes--beets or snap beans--they
would keep a few days---or any eggs--or 3 or
6 chickens. Almost anything you can
buy me will be acceptable.
Mr Huge is rather better than he was but
weak. We are in all the excitement of a
long continued battle.  Yesterday was a day long
to be remembered.  Many houses wore the
drapery of mourning--& the poor wounded
men comiing in at every house.  May God soon
deliver us from our enemies
               Your friend. E. H. Brown

MSS 2689

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