Thursday, June 28, 2012

1862 June 29 before Richmond

[from the diary of Jonathan B. Hager of the 14th U.S. regulars as copied and annotated by  him at a later date]

June 29   We marched slowly the whole night towards
Sunday    morning we formed in line of battle having
               hard some firing in our front which after-
               ward proved to have been a skirmish with
               the rebel Cavalry by ours, about 6 a m. we
               halted on the road leading through White Oak
               Swamp for breakfast.  Mine consisted of
               a hard Cracker & Swamp water which was very
               refreshing.  About an hour after we moved to
               our position near Turkey Island Road where we
               remained in line of battle all day. It was hot:
               with the aid of bowers we kept in the shade &
               enjoyed the rest.  At night there were several a-
               larms on the Picket Line but they all proved
               to be false. The only effect they had was to
               deprive us of our rest.

MSS 9044

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