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1862 June 29 "Clifton," Fauquier County, Va.

[from the daily journal of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Sunday 20th   Though it was cloudy and Father though it might
rain, Sis B and I rode to Markham to attend services.
It did not rain and we had a delightful ride-
Mr. Duncan made a short address & in conclusion
referred to Turner's death in a touching manner--
Many present wept. Betsy was convulsed with
grief.  I though I had never seen her look more
lovely.  I would fall in love with her if I were a
man.  I can't keep my eyes off of her.  Mr. Duncan
rode home with us.  We stopped in at Dr. Striblings
& Mr. D. had prayers for which the doctor expressed
much gratitude.  It made me feel how near death is
to all of us, to see that poor old man lying weak &
feeble in his bed, would that we could be as ready to
die as he is when our time comes.  Oh, to think that
one of us must leave the other sooner or later. I
cannot wish you grief but I feel that were you to
die I could not live.  Oh, how little would life be
worth to me without you-- Could I ever smile again
- My heart would break...I would  break.
Mr. Duncan, cousin John  Mt. Blanc  brother James all
dined here.  I was only in the parlor a few
minutes after dinner.  Spent the evening
nursing Jacque, trying to to[sic] read.  Now
that all my "jewels" are asleep, I must
endeavour to make up for lost time--  No letter
yet.  Still there is hope tomorrow may bring me a
letter.  Goodnight, my love, goodnight...your devoted

[transcript from 1972 by granddaughter Anne Madison Wright Baylor]

MSS 15406

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