Thursday, May 26, 2011

1861 May 26

My dearest

I have just returned from sacrement in Episcopal
church. We had such a suitable discourse. The minister brought us
right up to the true sense of our difficulties and their remedy
as glorying in our own strength as though by our own power
we had attained to such prominence as a nation, and failure
to acknowledge God's goodness to us. He thinks we are assuredly
in the right and will eventually succeed ^'though we may have to suffer,'
as all blessings come through suffering. It looks quite like
war here. The court house yard is full of calvary and their horses
feeding as we came by. All hands are baking bread for them.

We have the crushing news that Harpers Ferry is cap-
tured. We were dismayed enough before, to know that
they had Alexandria. I still will not believe that
the last report is true. Cousin Joe Stephens stopped only
for tea, last night in his escape from Alexandria. He
with six others walked almost all the way ^'14 miles'. He was very
tired, but would go on to Middleburg traveling all
night. He said there was no excitement in Alexandria
and no danger now as no resistence is being made,
that is, if the officers can control those horrid zouaves.
They are really awful. Their leader was shot by the man
from whose house he took down the first secession
flag of Alexandria. In coming down from the house top
he met Mr. Jackson and said I have a prize. Mr Jack-
son replied so have I, and shot him down, and was
immediately himself shot by one of the men who was with
the officer--Poor Jackson was buried here yesterday.
His sister owns this house.

This letter by a an unknown member of the family of Edward T. H. Warren, stops at this place. It will resume in two days.

MSS 7786-l

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